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Meet Lynn

I am a teacher, author, learning specialist, and private educational consultant. I am proud to have worked in some of the very best schools in NYC and DC such as Dalton, Sidwell Friends and Georgetown Day School. Most recently, I worked as the lower school learning specialist for over a decade at Georgetown Day School. In my many years working with children, I've truly enjoyed learning what makes each child unique.


I especially enjoy those “ah-ha” moments when kids make the connections needed to succeed at what was once challenging for them. By helping children discover their innate capacity to learn, I set


them on a path to unlock imagination, innovation, and all the possibilities in their life’s journey. I’ve seen again and again that with the right tools and support, including working closely with parents, all children can feel confident and successful. I am excited to share with you and your child the tools and tips that I have collected along the way.

Currently, I live in Washington, DC with my amazing husband. I have two grown children who make me very proud. For fun, I like to take long walks with friends, go boating on the South River, swim in the ocean, read novels, and try new restaurants.

Education During Covid

It will take many years before we understand the true impact living through a pandemic has had on our children. Working with kids every day, I’ve seen the negative impact of the pandemic on many children. First and second graders have never had a normal year of elementary school. The last normal year for fourth graders was 1st grade.  Many kids are behind in the more visible skills such as reading, writing, math and communication. Others have challenges that are less obvious and may be developmental, social, or emotional. Our kids need additional support more than ever before, from OT and speech evaluations to social and behavioral support.

Now, more than ever, we need to be aware of our children’s overall development, and give them the extra attention they deserve. We can help them develop the skills they need to thrive. I am committed to meeting children where they are and working to help them grow and meet their full potential.

Happy Childhood

Rhyme to Read

Years ago, my colleague Sara Hines and I saw a need for good learn-to-read materials for parents to use with their kids. Together, we created Rhyme to Read: A Program for Beginning Readers. Over the years, our program has helped thousands of kids learn to read. We are very proud of the many outstanding reviews our program has received by educators and parents alike. 

- Ross Greene

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